Joy. Acceptance. Connection. Growth.

Kindermusik with Christa is a welcoming place for you and your children.  Come experience our award winning classes; where your babies will beam as they feel the joy of a musical journey with you.  Your toddlers will giggle as they learn to tiptoe, jump, and stomp to the steady beat (and they also learn how to STOP!). Your preschoolers will be filled with self confidence as they begin to play musical ensembles, while having the freedom to run, dance, and play with their peers (and an experienced teacher).

Come see why we continue to grow in the Alle-Kiski Valley, with classes in three locations; Tarentum, Sarver, and Murrysville.  Now is the time to join us (we enroll at ANY time). Experience the joy, acceptance, connection and growth of both you and your children. 

Summer and fall classes posted for all ages. Take a sneak peek into a class here.