Frequently Asked Questions


Children matter. Families matter. Music matters.

It is our joy and privilege to teach your children Kindermusik using the world's leading curricula for early childhood music & movement. Our teachers are committed to yearly profesional development to provide you with the best experience possible. Each time we see a child learn a new word, sing a new note, or dance with a new friend our hearts are full. Thank you for joining us!

The Kindermusik Experience - The weekly classroom experience provides you the opportunity to spend quality time with your child that's fun and full of joyful learning! During the transition of the first 5-6 weeks of class, the rituals and routines that make Kindermusik unique will help you and your child learn what to expect and feel more comfortable in class.

Resources for Home - The resources for home are designed to support learning through the week and include music, literature, and activities. The cost of these resources are included in your monthly tuition making it an investment in your family!

Makeup Classes- We have a generous makeup policy inviting Kindermusik families to schedule a makeup for any and all missed classes during the year. No refunds or discounts will be given for missed classes.

Enroll at any time! It's easy & convenient. We prorate tuition.

Unenrollment - If you need to discontinue your enrollment, we require written notice prior to the 1st of the new month to avoid incurring charges for the new month. 
Email our office by the last day of the month. A reply from our office is confirmation that you have successfully "unenrolled"
Payments - Tuition payments are monthly by credit card. All enrolled families will be charged a payment on the 1st of each month. NO refund will be given for families who cancel enrollment after the 1st of the month.

Illness - If your child is sick, we invite you to stay home this week to protect the other children and families in the class. Enjoy the music at home while resting up!

Makeup Classes - For the safety of our children, please do schedule a Kindermusik makeup class in order to maintain class sizes that are conducive to learning.

Non-Enrolled Siblings in Kindermusik - Due to limited class sizes and the delicacy of the younger class settings, baby classes (0 to 2 yrs) and toddler classes (2's & 3's) can only accommodate non-enrolled siblings when the sibling is young enough to stay contented in a car carrier. GREAT NEWS!! If you are registered for Laugh & Learn, siblings are invited to join us at the end of class for Sharing Time.


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